Your human visitors may have no interest in a sitemap of your website. However, for the web crawlers from the search engines, it’s one of the main attractions.

A sitemap is a basically a file (usually in an XML or HTML format) that lists the pages on your website.

It makes it easy for the crawlers to index a site and note any changes. The information the crawlers glean from your sitemap plays a big part in determining your site’s rankings on the SERPs.

All websites can benefit from having a thorough, regularly updated sitemap. Setting up and maintaining a sitemap isn’t that difficult.

If you have a WordPress site then you’re in luck; there are a number of WP plugins designed specifically for the generation of sitemaps. They make it easy for the search engines to find and index the pages on your site, giving your site the ranking it deserves.

WordPress SEO – Sitemap Creator Plugin

Author: Yoast | Format: XML

WordPress SEO plugin

WordPress SEO is one of the most advanced and popular WP sitemap plugins.

When you publish a new post or page, the sitemap is automatically submitted to Google & Bing allowing the search engines to quickly and easily find your new content. They’re easily read by humans as well, so you can spot mistakes and make corrections.

These XML sitemaps include the images in your posts and pages too, ensuring that your images don’t get ignored by the search engines.

Google XML Sitemaps

Author: Arne | Format: XML

Google XML Sitemaps plugin

The XML format was first used by Google and has since been adopted by the other major search engines, including Yahoo!, Bing and Ask.

This plugin generates special XML sitemaps designed to help search engines better index your blog by making it easier for the crawlers to see the complete structure of your site and process the information more effectively.

It notifies all major search engines every time new content is added to a site. The Google XML Sitemaps plugin supports all types of WordPress generated pages as well as custom URLs.

PS Auto Sitemap

Author: Jim912 | Format: HTML

PS Auto Sitemap plugin

The PS Auto Sitemap is a plugin that automatically generates a site map page from your WordPress site.

This plugin is both easy to install and easy to customize. Some of the functions of the PS Auto Sitemap plugin allow users:

  • to display or hide selected categories, posts or pages;
  • set the display order of the page list and the post list;
  • combine or divide categories and posts;
  • and select a sitemap display style.

WP Realtime Sitemap

Author: Rincewind | Format: HTML

The WP Realtime Sitemap plugin to make it easier for your site to display all your pages, posts, archives, categories and tags in an easy to read format.

The WP Realtime Sitemap includes features that let users:

  • order the output anyway you want in the plugin settings page;
  • show, hide or exclude WP navigation menu, posts, archives, categories and tags IDs;
  • and create a hierarchical list of pages and categories.

This plugin is great for WordPress Multisite (WPMU) blogs and comes with an uninstaller.

WP HTML Sitemap

Author: Wmsedgar | Format: HTML

WP HTML Sitemap plugin

WP HTML Sitemap generates an HTML sitemap that is regularly updated and easily accessible to search engine robots.

This plugin provides an essential tool to improve your website’s SEO and navigation.

This plugin can be customized. Users can publish their sitemap as a page or post as well as include or exclude specific sections of a website.

The WP HTML Sitemap generator allows for automatic integration with both the WP e-Commerce and bbPress plugins.

Simple Sitemap

Author: Dgwyer | Format: HTML

Simple Sitemap plugin

The Simple Sitemap plugin provides a convenient way to add a unique and effective HTML sitemap to your site simply by adding a single shortcode to a page.

Posts and pages are arranged as a single linked list of titles that can be grouped by date, author, category and tag.

This gives your visitors, human and otherwise, an efficient way to view all your site’s content in a single place.

Google XML Sitemap for Mobile

Author: Labnol | Format: XML

This plugin is especially designed to let you generate mobile sitemaps for WordPress blogs with URLs that serve mobile web content. Once you’ve created your sitemap, you can submit it to Google using webmaster tools.

The plugin’s sitemap-mobile.xml file is located in the blog’s root folder.


Having the freshest, most amazing and interesting content on the internet doesn’t mean much if nobody can find it.

A sitemap can be one of your site’s most effective SEO tools. By making it easy for the search engines to index your site, you make it easier for human visitors to find it.

And that’s the whole point of having a website isn’t it?

About the Author:

Jeff Vance is a freelance writer and internet content specialist with ScreenTek Inc., a Houston, TX based company that sells OEM replacement laptop and iPad digitizer screens.

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