Every web designer needs sources to work with while preparing a template and then make it a working website. So, here is this long, but useful list of PSD files to make your day.


Free PSD Icons

In this section of the article we are providing you with nice and free PSD icons to use on your template.

Apple iPhone (PSD)

Apple template. iPhone in Photoshop PSD format is specially useful for mobile apps developers and designers which is intended for showcasing their products and templates design.

Download Free PSD Element

Settings Icon (PSD)

A PSD icon for settings section includes a spanner and a metallic colored hammer, which makes it universal for different templates.

Download Free PSD Icon

Old Telephone Icon (PSD)

The elegant black retro phone icon on white background, which is usual for the Contacts section. It has layers customizable in Photoshop.

Download Free PSD Icon

Money in wallet icon (PSD)

A free PSD icon designed as a wallet full of money. It’s useful for any application, Internet store or a website which is related to payment or finance.

Download Free PSD Icon

Search Documents Icon (PSD)

Free stylish icon for search designation in the document. A magnifying glass on white paper is also suitable as search icon in the web applications.

Download Free PSD Icon

Free PSD Web Elements

Free PSD web elements to use on your website and make it more individual and unique

Gold And Black Shopping Card Template (PSD)

Elegant PSD template of the privilege card which is irreplaceable in the discounts and sell-out period. Text and design are easy to set to satisfy your demands.

Download Free PSD Element

Wall Clock Template (PSD)

PSD template of white mechanical clock with trotting seconds hand. Minimalist design, an ideal for using in such apps as IOS and Android.

Download Free PSD Element

Free PSD Tempates – 3D software box

Software boxes 3D templates, 3 alternatives. With the help of Adobe Photoshop you can put any image and text on the box depending on your goals.

Download Free PSD Element

Free PSD Buttons

Just look at these free PSD buttons we have collected.

Are there any doubts your website needs them? If there still are, then look at them and you’ll understand these things will certainly fasten the eyes of your visitors to your design.

3D Red Push Button (PSD)

Interesting 3D button with realistic design which won’t be unnoticeable on any site. Associated with both emergency button and start button. The text on the button is customizable.

Download Free PSD Button

Music control buttons (PSD)

Sylish buttons in PSD format for music control: “pause”/”play”, “back” and “forward”, “volume”, “replay”, “open the file”. There are 4 color solutions presented in the archive.

Download Free PSD Buttons

Glossy Buttons (PSD)

Glazed right angled buttons kit in PSD format. You can set the names of the buttons yourself.

Download Free PSD Buttons

Round Web Buttons Set (PSD)

Glamorous, bright colored, round buttons which are going to add mood on your website or a web app.

Download Free PSD Buttons

Free Web Interface PSD Elements

Dropdown menus and other free web interface PSD elements are irreplaceable if you want to keep / make your website nice and let it have it high usability.

Black Horizontal HTML And CSS Dropdown Menu (PSD)

Interface’s black and glossy low-key styled dropdown menu which is suitable for corporate websites or web 2.0.


So, Robin of Loxley

I think your quiver has just been filled with new but very useful and sharp arrows. Don’t miss ;)

And your website will always be on top and you, as the best archer, will be too as well (if you use all these PSD elements together with Divine Elemente of course).

But even best of the best needs help sometimes. In such case you can always call free website templates.


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