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Join this event, publish 15+ comments and get a chance to win Divine Elemente developer’s license key.


First of all, I would like to thank everyone who takes active part in our project’s life. As our gratitude, I wanna launch a new event, which is planned to be monthly.

  • The Main Prize is Divine Elemente developer’s license.
  • The Second Prize is 50% Discount Coupon.

Do not miss your chance to get Divine Elemente.

Publish 15+ Comments and Get a Chance to Win Divine Elemente Developer’s License Key

We are attracting authors for our blog, and I think they will be pleased to receive a feedback from readers. So, the conditions of our first opening event are following:

  • You are welcome to express your views.
  • Constructive feedback is appreciated, even if it is criticism.
  • Comments should actually relate to the articles.
  • Spam or offensive comments will be deleted.
  • Comments that posted just for the sake of entering the contest are not considered.
  • Monthly number of comments should not be less than 15.
  • Number of comments are calculated on the basis of Email ID used, so we advise you to use only one Email ID while commenting.

Winners will be announced at the beginning of the next month (7 Aug 2012).

You can follow us on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss any article.

Happy commenting!

And Our Winners Are …

This event successfully finished, and I would like to thank everyone who takes an active part in this event.

1st Winner (Prize: Developers License): Viridislament

2nd Winner (Prize: 50% Discount): Hassan Raza

The next event will be soon. Subscribe to our newsletter or/and join our social networks in order not to miss any event.

Divine Elemente PSD to WordPress

Convert graphics from Adobe Photoshop to a working WordPress theme. No coding.

  • viridislament
    I think this is an awesome opportunity. I recently downloaded the trial version of Divine, and while I haven’t used it much yet (I’ve been moving to a new house), I have enjoyed how easy and streamlined it has made my wordpress theme creation process. I had been planning on purchasing a developers license when I was settled away and had my new studio set up…hopefully now I won’t have too!
  • DmitrijsJersovs
    Just downloaded the trial and so far I’m digging it. You guys did some stunning work!   Anyway, I hope I win!  
  • http://macostudios.com/ viridislament
    Oh, and seeing as this month (June) is drawing to a close….will you be posting the winners somewhere on the site?    
  • weedogroup
    This is a very powerful project and need to learn it all as the money this gem saves is massive
  • BethanyLowe
    I am looking forward to using this. I am currently a graphic design student and I love WordPress. 
  • LeonardoGoncalves
    Gostei do programa, acabei de instalar e estou futucando ele aos poucos, as vezes quando tento editar do photoshop para o elemente ele simplesmente volta para o photoshop ainda não sei qual é a causa ;pMas o programa parece muito bom realmente facilita bastante, Só queria saber o pq ele volta para o photoshop quando tento editar as vezes um modelo. :) 
  • BethanyLowe
    I really like the basic mock-up included with the breakdown of how the layers should be organized. 
  • cabucojairus
    hard coding is good but Divine Elemente is better…it’s divine!!!
  • algeriano
    just a new way to design themes for WP, the first time i saw it and tried it, it was just amazing , it was so quick..you did a great job guys, but i think a Mac version would be great :D
  • David Bodnariuc
    Hi! If I buy my Divine Project, with this plugin, I can create for my clients, professional website, with pages: Home, Portfolio, Contact (which include contact form, and map), products (with photo gallery) Blog, and other pages you request my client? I want every page to have its own design, that design of the home page is not like the design portfolio. In addition I submenu. In divine elements meet these needs? I want to give a solution for this need is important, the acquisition program. Thank you!
  • David Bodnariuc
    After I buy Divine Elements plugin for photoshop, I have access to video tutorials, files created by other designers? I think it is quite complicated but you will and interest of every designer. If more than 19975 designers have succeeded, I think I can. I want to say I’m a good open Agile. All you have to do, is don’t you think that I do spam, I just put in the shoes of a new client who comes to your site and want to buy but does not know exactly if the Divine elements would be useful for the wants. Can not know exactly what he wants. I will get in front of my problems and needs, but that fits perfectly the needs of others. Please don’t you think that I do spam and to accept my post. Many will give you inspiration, the future, others will give other solutions. I hope to meet your needs, do not give free prizes. Agile want to help ☺ Thanks! i♥Divine Element
  • Szachi
    Interesting tool for creating templates is a pleasure
  • David Bodnariuc
    That contain wordpress themes are on the front page slideshow with text and images. That is the image of and knowledge. It uses a lot of news sites. The Divine Elements can create this slideshow? You could do a tutorial on this topic. Inspiration! Thank you!
  • http://activeboxx.wordpress.com/ Nestor T. Macalinao Jr
    I’m about to lose hope when i found divine project .. i am now doing the test and really i enjoy this site . Thank You
  • http://activeboxx.wordpress.com/ Nestor T. Macalinao Jr
    this is so much fun to work and play with more more to come
  • http://activeboxx.wordpress.com/ Nestor T. Macalinao Jr
    i will be doing this for now and next time i will post my sample template
  • http://onore.kiev.ua/ Onore
    Project is closed? Last comment / news a year ago =(
  • Divine Elemente
    Our project is not closed. Currently we working on the new WordPress theme and redesign of our website, so we do not have enough time for the blog posts. Also, recently we have published tutorials, the full process on how to create WordPress theme from scratch (part1 – part4): /create-wordpress-theme-part1