You want to earn money creating new amazing WordPress CMS themes or spend money for items you suddenly liked very much? Buy themes and sell themes for WP with pleasure following our simple instructions in this guide and using Divine Elemente 0.9 opportunities.

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The Themes Portal at our website was developed especially for Divine Elemente 0.9 users. With its help you can:

Prepared WordPress CMS Themes,
editable in Divine Elemente 0.9.
  • Considerable time and cost saving
  • Your blog’s unique design
  • Wide choice of custom WordPress themes for purchase or downloading
WordPress CMS themes of authorship,
editable in Divine Elemente 0.9.
  • Your custom WordPress themes’ accessibility for thousands of users
  • Unique possibility to earn money with no HTML / CSS / PHP notion

Besides, if you’d like to share your website created by means of Divine Elemente 0.9 with many thousands of our website users, you can submit it to the Showcase section.

Buy WordPress themes

If you want to save time and create new look of your web page, visit the Themes Portal and buy WordPress CMS themes.

The uniqueness of this portal consists in the following:

  • Only our customers’ works of authorship are submitted to this Portal. All themes are to pass compulsory moderation, in other words, you can be sure that all works are checked and available in full bundle (WP theme’s and PSD template’s files).
  • You also receive source PSD templates in the bundle with custom WordPress themes that have a clear ordered structure of groups with special elements’ name (PSD hints). Owing to that, you can change template’s design or its part in accordance with your blog’s style and prepare your own theme for WordPress CMS for just several minutes.
  • Theme purchase process itself is very simple. You are just to select any theme you like and buy it.



Read more about PSD hints – Speeding up of publishing time

Step-by-step theme purchase process

Step 1. Theme selection.

Marketplace. Tags

Marketplace. Tags

You can choose any theme you like and sort out themes by price / rating.

Step 2. Purchase / addition to the Shopping cart.

Marketplace. Addition to the Shopping cart

Marketplace. Addition to the Shopping cart

After you select a theme, you are just to click on the ‘Buy’ button, and you’ll find “Theme: Theme’s name” in your Shopping cart.

Step 3. Fields filling in and payment process.

Elemente themes purchase. Order page.

Elemente themes purchase. Order page.

Move to the Shopping cart and press the ‘Continue’ button. After that, fill in all the fields required (your name, credit card, etc.) and click on the ‘Checkout’ button.

Step 4. Theme downloading.

Customer’s page. Theme's details

Customer’s page. Theme downloading

After you make a payment, you’ll find yourself on your personal page where you’ll be able to see a link for downloading of the theme you’ve just purchased.

You can download it from our portal [‘Download’ button], and from the 3rd party file hostings – another two buttons or

Sell WordPress themes

In case you create amazing custom WordPress themes and want to earn money on your works, create websites in photoshop with Divine Elemente and upload them to the Themes Marketplace.
Selling and wallet

Customer’s page. Selling and wallet.

But before your theme becomes available for other users, you are to comply with the following terms:

  • Author should be logged in at the website.
  • A theme should meet all submission rules at the website.

Theme uploading process for selling

Step 1. Move to the theme’s submission page.

Marketplace. Submission page

Marketplace. Submission page.

To do that you are to click on the ‘Submit a theme’ button.

Step 2. Fill in all the fields of the submission form and attach a theme’s file.

Marketplace. Theme submission form’s filling in

Marketplace. Theme submission form’s filling in.

So, to follow this step, you are to:

  • (A) – Enter a theme’s name.
  • (B) – Fix the theme’s price. Scrolling slider you can fix any price for your work from $0 to $999. Indicating $0 (Free) for your theme, it will be available for downloading for free.
  • (C) – Attach archive with files of a ready WordPress CMS theme. You can prepare your theme with the help of Divine Elemente 0.9. You’ll need no HTML / CSS / PHP programming skills. More details on the theme’s conversion process can be found in the ‘Publish Editor’ guide.
  • (D) – Attach a .PSD source file of the theme. You are to prepare it in accordance with a structure that is clear for Divine Elemente 0.9. More details on such file’s preparation can be found in the ‘Update of a current PSD template for Divine Elemente’ guide.
  • (E) – Attach a screenshot of your theme.
  • (F) – Indicate if the theme is prepared with Divine Elemente or not.
  • (G) – Describe your theme in brief.
  • (H) – Indicate the required tags, which can be used for searching of your theme at the Marketplace.

After you fill in all the fields, press the ‘Submit’ button (J).

Step 3. Theme moderation.

Marketplace. Moderation

Marketplace. Moderation

After you upload the theme, it is placed in the queue for moderation (theme’s checking for meeting of submission rules at the website). Then, the theme will be published at the website or declined by a moderator.

After you sell WordPress themes at our website, money minus commission are transferred to your account.

How to withdraw money

Details on money deposit, commissions and withdrawal from your account can be found in the ‘Deposit funds’ guide.

Theme’s deletion

You are not allowed deleting already submitted custom WordPress themes. You can only delete your uploaded theme if it hasn’t passed moderation yet and hasn’t appeared at Divine Elemente website.


Thus, you have just learned how to buy and sell WordPress themes easily and with no problems just enjoying the result of your new purchase or selling.

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