All this power can be used to design your website.

Just read these 15 ancient Elder Scrolls in order to learn all these spells that will give you might to conquer anything you want.

And be very careful – the scrolls are very old and we have received them from the Wizards Collegium, so they can cost someone’s arm or leg…

Now let the learning begin!

1. Fire Lines Photoshop Tutorial

Great scroll which will teach you how to create these great and powerful fire lines.


2. Design a Tropical iPhone Advertisement

Creative and interesting effect for your website’s design. Check the scroll in order to learn about how to deal with the Water Element.

Tropical iPhone

3. Making a Book of Magical Playground Scene

Great scroll to follow if you want to learn how to create this nice and magical playground scene on your website.

Making a Book of Magical Playground Scene

4. Fragmented Golden Phone

Get the power of split with the help of this Magic of Split Scroll.

Fragmented Golden Phone

5. Create a Face Shattering Effect

If you want to become the greatest magician of the Skyrim, you definitely can’t miss this scroll we’ve found in one of the Draugr crypts.

Fragmented Golden Phone

6. Cool Text Effect with the Puppet Warp Tool in Photoshop CS5

Learn about how to control ropes with the help of this scroll.

Puppet Warp Tool

7. Glossy Snow Globe Text Effect

Read this scroll in order to conceive the true power of ice.

Snow Globe Text Effect

8. Beautiful Mystery Grunge Effect

Every magician is a mystery, so this mystery grunge effect will be very useful for comprehension of the true nature of magic.

Mystery Grunge Effect

9. Apply Liquid Effects to Sports Photography

This is the next step of learning about The Water Element. Check this scroll in order to get further in your magic lessons.

Liquid Effect

10. Vibrant Colorful Alcohol Product Ad

This scroll will show you how to create vibrant and colorful alcohol product ad.


11. Photoshop Comic Book Effect

As a magician, you’ll have to learn about how switch between realities, so comic book reality will be a good one to begin with.

Comic Book Effect

12. Orange Porsche. Fruit Skin

This is very powerful scroll that will teach you how to change the thing itself. Just like Prof. McGonagall tought Harry Potter and the other young magicians at Transfiguration lessons.

Fruit Skin

13. Ridiculously Realistic Scorching Fire Effect!

Every magician has to conceive the nature of Fire. Check this scroll in order to become of these magicians.

Scorching Fire Effect
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14. Smashing Your Creative Block

A wizard can destroy things without even touching them, and this scroll will teach you how to do it.

Creative Block

15. Badass Bling Effect in Photoshop

No one can stop a magician if he / she wants to create this bling effect and enjoy his / her power.

Badass Bling

The Legend

I hope your learning was very productive and the scrolls are fine.

By the way, there is one more thing we would like to share with you in this huge and ancient library.

The legend tells about greatest magician of all time and his websites were so great so they could even set the profanes on fire. And it was not only the scrolls that he found at the very heart of the deepest caves of the Skyrim – he had a special magical tool that helped him convert his unbelievable designs into a ready WordPress theme.

So, if you wish to become the next greatest wizard of all times – take this tool and make your way to glory!

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