As you may have probably heard, Photoshop CS6 beta version has been released! After two years of waiting, we can finally see Adobe’s creation at its next and the highest (for now) evolution stage.

Photoshop CS 6 Sneak Peek Preview

I bet you are already anxious to try it. So, do not waste time, and download it! The only thing you will need to install new PS version is Adobe ID.

But when should we expect the final version to be released? According to Adobe’s official press release we need to wait a couple more months as the final release is scheduled for the first half of 2012.

We understand your excitement about the upcoming Photoshop CS6, because we are excited about it too! It’s great that progress can’t be stopped, and it always goes further and further writing the next chapter of design / web design evolution book.

So, what’s that next chapter is about?

AWESOME: Now We Can Make Blurry Images Sharp <Rumour>

Now We Can Make Blurry Images Sharp


Yes, soon this may come true. Unfortunately, we don’t know precisely when this will be available, but rumour has it that Photoshop CS 6 is going to provide us with the new AWESOME feature of sharping the blurry image.

Wow, now I should start sorting the really bad photos I have taken, so when the feature is available I’ll be able to show the world I’m not that bad photographer as people used to say :)

See it in action

GUI Speed & New Look

Yes, everyone knows that time is money. That’s why everyone is so excited about the GUI speed of CS 6. The operations take less time thanks to performance gain of the workflow.

GUI Speed and New Look

Photoshop has changed its look. Now the colors are darker and Aperture-like user interface. Maybe some think that this is not right change so don’t worry – there’s an option which allows you to revert the old look of the program.

*Looks like they’re doing their best to satisfy everyone*.

New 3D Functionality

New 3D Functionality

But the real meat of Photoshop CS6, which goes by the code-name “Superstition,” appears to be an assortment of new features that Adobe has proposed as enhancements to the software’s 3D capabilities that emerged in earnest back with the 2008 release of Photoshop CS4.

  • Possibility of modifying “Axis Control” allowing “Invert Camera Axis” and “Separate Axis Controls”
  • “Interactive Shadows Quality” section allows to choose from a range of quality options.
  • New “Rich Cursor” options: “Show On Hover” and “Show On Interaction.”
  • A possibility of enabling / disabling the “Allow Direct To Screen” and “Auto-Hide Layers” options for “Interactive Rendering”.

Remix Tool

Remix tool

I was always dreaming of just taking the object and moving it somewhere else on the image I’m working on.

So, now my dream has come true because Photoshop CS6 provides the new tool called Remix tool.

See it in action

Field Blur, Iris Blur, Tilt-Shift

Field blur

There are new tool which can be extremely useful for a web designer. And these tools are Field blur, Iris blur and Tilt blur.

Blur settings are integrated into the interface and they don’t open in the separate window.

Now let’s use Field blur on this image. You can change the blur level by rotating the circle in the center of the image:

The blur level by rotating the circle in the center of the image

Or do it with the help of Blur scroll:

The help of Blur scroll

You can also add the Bokeh effect to the blur:

The Bokeh effect to the blur

If you want to turn off the blur effect then you can just click on the “Remove all pins” button. In order to turn it on, just click on the document.

Remove all pins

Iris blur filter. Oval mask indicates the area which won’t be blurred, 4 white dots work in the Feather mode, in other words you can indicate the area of seamless transition to blur by dragging these dots.

Iris blur filter

The blur level is also regulated by the scroller or circle rotation.

The blur level is also regulated by the scroller or circle rotation

Tilt-Shift filter allows you to imitate the TiltShift lens with the possibility to change perspective and plane shift of the sharply represented space.

Tilt-Shift filter

The directional stripes can be placed diagonally:

Tilt-Shift filter

And also stretch them controlling the Tilt-Shift effect.

Tilt-Shift effect

There are 2 parameters available in the effect’s properties Blur and Distortion.

Tilt-Shift effect properties

Yes, I think everyone understands now that Adobe is preparing something big for us, and that big is going to let us have new abilities which we have never had before… <Wow! Almost X-men!>

… And Other Things

There are also many other new and interesting features and improvements provided by CS6 such as:

  • Static image integration with video created with the help of DSLR cameras.
  • The improved Smart Object.
  • New tools for drawing and work with graphics.
  • Canvas turning, deformations, interpolation, 3D manipulations etc. thanks to scalable vectors.
  • A possibility of voice control over the operations.
  • Advanced correction of distortions.
  • More convenient displays switching and image optimization for different resolutions.

But it would take you all day to read the description of each, so we have provided just the most awesome and useful ones for a web designer.

Oh, and speaking about web design: I almost forgot that this Chinese New Year WordPress template has been created with the help of Photoshop CS6 and then converted into a website with the help of Divine Elemente.

So, if you want to see CS6 in action, then I suggest you to watch the video.

We hope that new version of Photoshop will give the hope to save as much princesses in the future as we want and can handle :)

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