Every superhero has his / her own set of unique skills and talents, so looks like web designers are superheroes too because we have our talent, skills and tools. Though we don’t have a spider web we shoot from our hands and we don’t climb the houses around the city, but we do have the abilities to impact the web as virtual world.

Now don’t miss the opportunity to add more special skills and tools to your superhero toolkit in order to create more new and awesome illustrations and websites too of course

So, here is the list of these 7 nice sets of superhero tools.

Snow White Brushes

Snow white brushes set for your great illustrations.

Snow White Brushes

Author: Tahlia Denae


Don’t let the name mislead you – these brushes aren’t intended for Christmas design only – just look at the examples below.

“Arctic Butterfly”

Arctic butterfly

We thank kattnboys for this great work.

“One Last Wish”

One last wish

We thank Pure Poison for this great work.

As you can see, the usage range of these brushes is quite wide, and these talented illustrators know it. So, would you like to join them?

Res Splatter PS Brush Set

Great set for a superhero you are. Download theses brushes and see how you can help the world to fight the evil (which is of course very bad design).

Res Splatter PS Brush Set

Author: Franz Jeitz

Really superhuman tool. Just look at all these effects you can do to people :)

“She was born of fire and water”

She was born of fire and water

We thank David Mariuzzo for this great work.



We thank BOMBATTACK for this great work.

“Music Home”

Music Home

We thank Omar Alfannan for this great work.

As you can seen, no effect is impossible with these brushes around.

Fur Brushes

Furry brushes. We thank the animals for providing us with these completely natural brushes so we can use them on our illustrations and web design.

Fur Brushes

Author: Andrew

Now look at the works of the real fur masters.



We thank Lukáš Kuzma for this great work.

“The Bear Kingdom”

Bear Kingdom

We thank Ariadne for this great work.



We thank Mimi Sempai for this great work.

Very useful and so furry brushes letting you create lots of nice and unique illustrations.

Note: No animal was harmed at creation of this brushes set.

Wavy Hair Strands Brushes

Many things in our life depends on our hair (hairstyle), some Chinese warriors even used their hair as a weapon. So, these brushes will certainly be a good part of your special secret tools ;)

Wavy Hair

Author: redheadstock

These are the works created with this secret weapon.

“Gone With The Wind”


We thank Mahalakshmi Nagarajan for this great work.

“Lux Aeterna”

Lux Aetera

We thank violscraper for this great work.



We thank ColorsofDawn for this great work.

“What do you want?”

What do you want?

We thank Potion-Master for this great work.

“Liquifly October Wallpaper”

Liquifly October Wallpaper

We thank Nicolle Marie for this great work.

Looks like this kit can let you do everything: you can make the angel fall or even go for a walk underwater and talk to the fishes. However, you should take into account that your hair may become blue – a side effect of using such tool.

Light Beams + Rays Brushes

Yes, defeat the Dark Side with the powers of the Light Side: light beams and rays.

Light Beams

Author: redheadstock

Here are the examples of how the guys are fighting evil and succeed.

“Angel of Night”

Angel of night

We thank СozyСomfyСouch for this great work.



We thank ryakou for this great work.

“It’s magical”

It's magical

We thank jupiterxxdesigns for this great work.

“The door to the wonders”

The door to the wonders

We thank Angelique Blanpain for this great work.

“In forest morning”

In forest morning

We thank Anna Gvozdeva for this great work.

“Easy Come – Easy Go”

In forest morning

We thank Butterkruemel for this great work.

These great works prove the range of creations you can make with the help of theses brushes.

Lightning Brushes

Prepare thyself, as these brushes will endue you with the powers of Zeus, so be careful with these mortals.

Lightning pack

Author: Ailedda

Zeus, as the Ancient Greek god, had many powers and he accomplished many great deeds. Here are just a few of them.

“The end”

The end

We thank haikus for this great work.

“Storm A-Brewin”

Storm A-Brewin

We thank MsGabrielle for this great work.

“Hot summer”

Hot summer

We thank Tamer for this great work.

Now that’s what being Zeus is about!

Feathers Photoshop Brushes

Yep, the brushes made of feathers. Try them and see how your struggle with the Dark Side is gonna benefit.

Lightning pack

Author: redheadstock

That’s how experienced warriors of Light doing their great job.

“Lost Angel”

Lost Angel

We thank LevanaTempest for this great work.

“Death Vision 2”

Death Vision 2

We thank Marwa Youssef for this great work.

“To Be An Animal”

To Be An Animal

We thank April Davison for this great work.

No bird was harmed during the creation of these brushes.

Tree Silhouette Brushes

Ready to have mother nature as your powers’ source? Then here are these Tree Silhouette brushes.

Tree Silhouette Brushes

Author: kuschelirmel-stock

Behold the power of these tools.



We thank Jessica Dueck for this great work.



We thank YBSilon for this great work.

“One peaceful place”

One peaceful place

We thank CvetiM for this great work.

Going Further

Looks like that’s all though it took some time to write this article and find all these brushes so you can brush your design making it more unique and… POWERFUL! Sorry. That was just Lex Luthor (he helped me to write this article), but he’s already leaving, right Lex?

So now, when he’s gone I can share a secret with you: he’ll never defeat you because you have the access to the secret weapon making your design much more powerful than his.

I’m talking of course about Divine Elemente (a PSD to WordPress tool). (Don’t waste your time and show Luthor that you, unlike him, will be victorious forever).

Divine Elemente PSD to WordPress

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