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Here you go – the newest WordPress theme Mass Effect 3 style.

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Mass Effect 3 WordPress theme

Before starting to write this article, I thought: are there video games players among our audience? Maybe.

What’s the chance that games and blogs creation with the help of Divine Elemente… can be put together in one article? They’re not big, but I think this will be very interesting experience.

I’m gonna start this series with one of the most popular and the most cinematic games in my opinion. The release is scheduled on March 6, 2012.

If someone doesn’t know about this game, here’s the additional info for you.

So, Mass Effect 3…

Three Most Awesome Facts, Features or … Whatever

Mass Effect 3 is a video game and its characteristic is continuous storyline.

Mass Effect 3

The 2 previous parts of this game have the highest ratings of the critics for implementation of graphic and interesting story.

Mass Effect 3 is in the Top of the most expected games of 2012.

Walking dead

The action is taking place in the outer space on the intergalactic space ships and on the far-out planets. The story is connected to the attack of the ancient aliens, the robot race which are destroying one galaxy after another.

The goal of commander Shepard, the protagonist, and his crew, is to fight off the enemy attack on Earth, and even the whole Universe.

Walking robots

Thousands of legendary game fans have literally stopped breathing awaiting the official release of Mass Effect 3. Why such boom?

Maybe it is related to the screenshots of the protagonist making love or…

Female Shepard

… is it related to the launching the CD into the open space campaign?!

Launching Mass Effect into space

I think not, it’s related to the, as I call it, “juicy features” of this game.

Mass Effect 3: New Features

The details on the features implemented in the final part of the trilogy will be considered below:

Destroying the city

№1 Multiplayer. 4 Players Can Play the Game Together!

Yes, exactly, though this fact was only a conjecture for a long time until Mass Effect executive producer Casey Hudson stated in his Twitter: “Yes, co-op MP missions for #ME3: they’re real, and they’re spectacular. Rest assured it’s nothing of what you’ve feared. More soon…”

The players can choose the character of any race and together with their squad join the other players to play the mission online forming the so-called special forces squad. The goal is the same – unite the power and might against the enemy.

Success of the united powers of such squads will affect the results of each player.


№2. Different Finals

The developers have thought over the different storylines which depend on more than 1000 parameters with different alternatives of finale; that means that the saved games of the previous part of the game will affect the 3d part, and that makes game interesting to walk through more than once.

They say that finale of the 3d part will change depending on the guide you choose. That action will be necessary for walking the game through. Is that true? We’ll learn only after the release of the official version.

Different finals

№3. Weapon Upgrade

In the 3d part of Mass Effect your are allowed to upgrade your powerful weapons making them even more powerful by adding the optics to it for example.

Also, there will be possible to pick up the weapons on the battle field, and unlike the previous versions, the entire ammunition will be available for all types of soldiers.

Weapon upgrade

By the way, the “M8 Avenger Assault Rifle” model from the 2 part of the game has already become a reality. Doubting? Read more about the fans of Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect 3 Fan Club

Harrison Krix, the Mass Effect fan, has created the exact copy of the rifle. He gave all the details about this fact in his blog.

M8 Avenger Assault Rifle
M8 Avenger Assault Rifle
M8 Avenger Assault Rifle

As a dessert, here is a little fantasy: lego-version of ME for the youngsters, I think it will be sold out pretty fast.


Is Creativity Your Second Name? Your Blog + ME3!

If you got the creativity in yourself or at least basic skills of working with Photoshop; or are you a beginner designer? Then you can impress your friends by creating a blog ME3 style!

So, while the fans are waiting for the desired box, our guys have prepared an interesting lesson about how to create a WordPress theme ME3 style.

Divine Elemente PSD to WordPress

Convert graphics from Adobe Photoshop to a working WordPress theme. No coding.

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