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The importance of corporate logo design is something to be heavily considered. A company or business should strive to have the most fitting and catchy logo design possible.


The world of advertising can be quite complicated. While a customer, or someone on the outside, may think that advertising is a simple and thoughtless act, it is quite the opposite. There is actually an art to advertising.

There are well thought out strategies as well as many delicate hours put into the tools that will be used to promote a business, service or product.

When a logo, design, jingle or phrase is connected to a particular company or product, it can’t just simply be anything. It has to be something that will represent that company or its products while also being catchy and memorable. This is where the art of it all comes in.

You want something that a potential client or customer is going to remember. You want something that is going to stand out and make your service or business come to mind first.

This is why the design of a corporate logo is so incredibly important.

Billions of dollars are spent on advertising, every year, in the United States alone. A portion of these dollars are spent on advertising research that is conducted to test theories and find answers on which advertising strategies work best, grab the most attention and bring in the most sales and consumer dollars.

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This is done so that these strategies can be taught throughout the marketing industry and implemented in order to create a healthier sales and profit margin for businesses. There are, without a doubt, proven methods.

There are colors, key words and even specific numbers that, when tested, proved to capture a majority’s attention far more than others and produce sales on a much higher level.

The importance of corporate logo design is something to be heavily considered. A company or business should strive to have the most fitting and catchy logo design possible.

The success or failure of any corporation can depend largely on the advertising methods used to promote its services and products. This is a legitimate reason to make certain that the corporate logo associated with the business is suitable.

Firstly, it will need to make sense. If the company is a law office, then a logo having to do with law in some manner, subtle or not, will be suitable as opposed to something unrelated that will lead a potential client or customer to forget what the company is associated with. If it is a circus to be promoted, a logo with a circus tent and phrases about magnificent performers would be best.

A corporate logo is one of the first things a consumer is going to see. It is what the public is going to connect and associate with a company. If the logo design is thought out, given the proper attention and created with the art of advertising in mind, it will become something the public consumer begins to recognize.

Soon, when they see the logo in papers or on billboards or wherever a company decides to advertize, they will mentally associate it with the business or service it is meant to represent.

This mental association is what will be triggered when a consumer is pondering services or products that are related to that corporation. It is what will cause a person to choose one company over another or recommend a certain company to a friend or family member.

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It is a tool that can bring in the business, raise sales and create a higher profit. A great corporate logo design can also help to bring in a higher number of return customers since people generally tend to stick with what’s familiar because it is more comfortable.

For all of the reasons mentioned, the importance of corporate logo design is not something to be disregarded. There are so many corporate logos that homes and families throughout the Nation are already familiar with. A successful corporation should have a logo design that reaches out and takes hold of the public and stands out above the rest.

With the amount of competition in the corporate world today, a company or business should highly consider the benefits of having a corporate logo that truly draws its customers in, becomes a memory in a consumer’s home and is something that is not just simply forgotten.

Source and inspiration:

NiceDesign, logo designers from Perth.


  • viridislament

    Good article, I’ve actually been doing quite a bit of research on logo design recently, as I am preparing to make the switch from “designer for fun and friends who need help” to “designer for profit” and I want to make sure my company logos stand up with and above the crowd, especially on the local market