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Do you feel that your website looks drab? Not to worry! There are several ways in which you can design your website to be something interesting and unique.

At the same time, the design should be user friendly, while giving as much info as needed. Everything right from the header to the footer is equally important in designing a website.

Spicing up dull website can be a cakewalk with the help of just a few simple design tweaks.

Here are 4 latest web design tips and tweaks for 2013 to spice up your designs, and make your website stand out of the competition.

Use the Most Apt Colors

Use the Most Apt Colors

Have you noticed that colors often change your mood instantly?

If you have failed to notice it before, try to feel the difference now. This is not only true for just any context (like the paint color of your room or a fabric color), but also true for websites.

It has been proved that colors can dampen your mood or lighten it up. For instance, most businesses use blue color since it signifies strength, trust, and stability.

So, take advantage of this pretext and use appropriate colors on your website. Make use of colors that represent your goals or your company or whatever mood you wish to stimulate. Don’t hesitate to use bold colors for a business that heavily relies upon creativity and innovation.

At the same time, don’t make a corporate website too flashy, otherwise it can turn off any visitor big time. This is one of the best tips to spice up your web page design without really overdoing things.

Incorporate Images that Express a Feeling

Incorporate Images that Express a Feeling

Images are as important as choosing colors for your website. The images that you decide to incorporate on your site should be thought-provoking.

Such pictures can draw the attention of the visitors to the content like nothing else. It would be even better if you could come up with an interesting caption to go with the image.

While choosing pictures, look out for something that conveys a feeling. For instance, if you are looking for a photo of a person, opt for one in which the person in the picture is making eye-to-eye contact with the viewer.

The most important thing to remember while incorporating images is the page load time. Add images that load fast and optimize them beforehand.

Focus on Content and Theme of the Site

Well, now that you’ve focused on the visual part (colors and images), that would have spiced up your site to a good extent. A site with such attractive design goes for a toss without valuable content.

So, it’s also vital to focus on content. If you want the visitors to linger on your page, you have to get them interested to read the content.

Frame the sentences in such a way that it can be understood easily, while also keeping it interesting. Avoid writing long paragraphs; instead keep it short and sweet.

A site with drab content can get too boring and hence you’ll have to spice up your site with interesting content.

But, equally important is to ensure that the content is presented in a crystal clear manner; so, avoid giving dark background to the content place-holders. Prefer white or light colors so that viewers can easily read the content.

Ensure Clear Navigation

Ensure Clear Navigation

So, you are done with most of the work with cozy colors, provoking images, and interesting content. A site with all these but confusing navigation may keep off the visitors.

Now, to create the wow factor, design the site with clear navigation. Users should not find it confusing to navigate where they want to.

These tips can help you to get repeat viewers to your site, while also giving it that extra attention with the spiced-up look. So, don’t wait any longer – your website deserves your attention to help it stand out of the lot!

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    very useful articles… great!

  • Ram Kumar Verma

    Hi Raphael, this is Ram Kumar Verma, Whatever you have written about WEB DESIGN, those are absolutely true, but in 2013, there are many people who use mobile phone,so we should think about Responsive web design. But over all good post.

  • Karen Walters

    I definitely agree with all of these. They all sound like definite steps forward to us. It’s so important to keep moving with the times and as technology evolves so do we as designers.