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The five vital aspects of successful website design solutions that should not be overlooked by the designers.

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In today’s competitive era, a company’s website is the perfect tool to promote its products and services.

Designing a successful website can be deceptively complicated since it involves coming up with a design that is pleasing as well as usable in addition to building brand, being visually coherent, technically sound, and delivering the needed information.

Experienced web designers are conscious about the crucial aspects that ascertain successful web design, but at times, even the smartest of designers tend to overlook some vital aspects, which in turn, bring down the website’s quality terribly.

Here are five vital aspects of successful website design solutions that should not be overlooked by the designers.

Clutter-Free Design

The first and foremost thing that web designers should ensure not to ignore is that the website should be clutter-free- it should not be loaded with too much information.

The design should not deter the visitor from entering the site, but rather have the ability to radiate visual appeal. It just doesn’t stop at radiating visual appeal, but should step ahead and exude clarity too, which is important to project the website’s credibility.

When a user visits the site, he should be able to comprehend what message you are trying to convey. The user should be able to make the best use of all the functionality and features on the site and make the best of whatever is available, while he is on the site.

All these would be possible only if the designer concentrates on ensuring that the unnecessary and irrelevant design elements are eradicated. With this, it can be guaranteed that the website design is clear, clean, and free from confusion.

If this aspect is overlooked, there are higher chances that the visitors lose track in all the clutter, making it an unsuccessful website.

User-Friendliness and Orientation

If you are designing the site for a client, understand their objective and platform. If you know what the purpose behind the site is, you’ll be able to design more effectively.

The failure or success of the website is decided by the website visitors. So, while designing the site, the designer has to understand the needs of the target audience by getting into their shoes.

Find out the expectations visitors normally have from websites and other such factors that can help to create a site that is fully in line with the expectations of the user.

Doing a small survey will help to a great extent in creating a successful site! This survey should cover finding out the kind of sites that the target audience have used in past and the features they expect from a site.

So, user orientation is the second aspect that should never be ignored.

Smooth and Intuitive Navigation

In simple words, if you are creating the website by understanding the need of users, what more would they want, when they can find all that they wanted, after giving just one look at the site; it’s as simple as that…

In any case, smooth and intuitive navigation is a must, especially in case of e-commerce stores, because users hate complex navigations.

Don’t Sacrifice Understandability for the sake of Creativity

We do agree that creativity is the main talent that all web designers should have, but that doesn’t mean that the designers should go overboard with their website design so as to exhibit their creative side.

Overdoing creativity makes the websites more complex and difficult to comprehend. So, designers should not sacrifice understandability for the sake of creativity. As a user, this is what the designer would also expect from any site.

Don’t ignore this aspect if you want your website to be successful. Complex websites never perform well, but the simple yet creative ones are successful to a great extent.

Keep these three things in mind while designing any website and ensure that you don’t overlook them in the process at any cost. Visitors would never want to visit a site that is cluttered and complicated without any kind of user orientation.

Don’t Miss Out on the Basics

Apart from that, you’ll have to look into other minor but vital aspects like navigation through the site, inclusion of ‘contact us’ column, typography, quick loading pages, and image selection.

Selection of unprofessional fonts and poor placement of ‘Contact’ page can also turn out to be fatal mistakes, which can seriously hamper the overall impact of the design.

A good-looking, fast-loading site is always liked much more than a better-looking, but slow-loading site, so designers must never compromise on this.

Whenever a designer ventures into any part of web design, specific care has to be taken to ensure that the design, all the aspects are into consideration to avoid any major flaws.

About the Author:

Alan has been working as a web designer cum social media marketer for close to a decade now, and he has been constantly monitoring the impact of changing habits of users and search engine algorithms on performance of various websites.

Whenever he has designed a website for magento developers, he has always given the top priority to understand the business, and creating the most relevant design.

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