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Watch Out For Your Design! It’s Friday the 13th!

Let’s start with some facts:

  • There is no logical / scientific explanation to the fear of Friday the 13th;
  • The fear both of number 13 and Friday have Christian origins;
  • Judas was the 13th apostle at the Last Supper;
  • Jesus was crucified on Friday.

But we think that this story is the most probable explanation.

The Dark Side of Design

A sad and true story of a young designer showing the dark side of this job (but we didn’t mean to).

How it began…

A group of designers went on a vacation, they rented a house in the forest and the only thing they wanted to do was just relax and talk about web design.

The Dark Side of Design

But they couldn’t accomplish their plan because there was one man who dropped the shadow on their vacation.

This man hated designers so much that he was even ready to kill them :(

A Story of One Young Designer

Once upon a time there lived a young designer. His name was Jason Voorhees, he just started learning web design, but the only thing he ever managed to do was drop shadow.

A Story of One Young Designer

He was ridiculed and when he fell into the river, no one saved him.

And from that day he swore to drop the shadow on every designer and break their designs with his huge and sharp blade.

Unlucky Number

It’s a pity that this day may be unlucky for designers. By the way, Christians would never start any project on Friday (especially Friday 13). Why? Because they think they would be doomed from the start.

And even the drivers can’t feel safe…

Savage chickens.
Savage chickens.
Friday 13th

But that’s not a problem for this guy


Happy Friday the 13th

Some facts about design to tweet on Friday 13th.

1. Friday the 13 is the only day Jason gets a balloon.
2. Drop shadow makes monsters.
3. Jason isn’t rea… x_x … (Jason was here)