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Diablo 3 is coming, and you already know that, right? But you don’t know anything about the dark goodies He’s about to bring. Click “Continue” to find out.


It seems you did like the previous article about Mass Effect 3 on WordPress and free Mass Effect 3 WordPress theme, didn’t you?

Great, so I thought: why shouldn’t I write an article about Diablo III?

Diablo 3

The game we have all been waiting so long will be released on May 15, 2012, and Darkness will start wondering the Earth again, so prepare your swords and your spells.

It’s one of our favorite games, and I think yours too, but in case there’s someone who’s not aware of this game, here’s some info about it. BTW, if you ARE aware of it, you won’t be bored, because you’re getting a yummy freebie in the end; but let’s talk about it later.

Diablo 3 Storyline

The story of Diablo 3 starts 2 decades after the Lord of Destruction expansion pack (Diablo 2). 20 years have passed since Mephisto, Baal and Diablo, the demons who dwell in Darkness, wandered the Sanctuary in an atrocious rampage to enslave the mankind.


Everything starts when Deckard Cain decides to return to the ruins of Tristram’s Cathedral in order to find clues to make evil rise again, and a comet strikes the ground where Diablo once entered the world.

The comet calls the heroes of Sanctuary to defend the mortal world against the rising power of Hell, and it’s up to you to save the world. Choose one of 5 classes of characters and go for it!

Facts & Features



  • There will be many different locations in Diablo 3: a combination of random and static maps.
  • There will also be both new and old locations of from the previous maps.
  • The 3D engine created by Blizzard is implemented in Diablo 3.
  • Diablo 3 has realistic physics, which allows to design real clothes and dynamic objects.
  • The developers were inspired by Zelda and WoW when they were creating bosses.
  • The bosses of Diablo 3 will be much more hard to kill than the bosses of the previous part.
  • There are 50 developers working on Diablo 3.
  • The developers keep silence about system requirements; the only thing they said was that they always wanted to launch the game on different configurations. This means Diablo 3 can be launched on both fast and slow PCs.
  • Jay Wilson, the lead designer of Diablo3, said that they didn’t plan to release Diablo 3 on consoles.
  • One of the main goals of developers was to create the game on many languages.
  • There is a possibility to play in cooperative mode.


  • Magnificent exploration of a fully-realized Sanctuary, the world of Diablo III, rendered in gorgeous 3D.
  • Fierce battles with the dark forces of Hell with new classes of characters such as Witch Doctor and re-imagined Barbarian, the warrior of Diablo’s past.
  • The possibility of Person versus Person mode battles.
  • Powered by the Havoc physics system, the possibility to pour the Hell Rain of the heads of your foes, the possibility to use the interactive environment as your weapon.
  • Great multiplayer over the Battle.net platform which has numerous enhancements intended to make aconnection with your partners easy, and make cooperative gameplay more fun.
  • The length of the 3d part equals the 2nd one.
  • Prepare yourself, because up to 100 enemies will be able to emerge on your screen at the same time.
  • You will be able to choose your character’s sex, but you won’t be able to customize its characteristics.
  • There will be 5 character classes such as Witch Doctor, Barbarian, Monk, Wizard, and Demon Hunter. Each and every character will have his own history.
Old monk
  • As the lead designer said, they wanted to create interesting and replete story, so the characters from the previous parts will appear in Diablo 3.
  • Some of the maps will stay intact, so they won’t be generated in the process.
  • The enemies will be able to miss.
  • All characters of Diablo 3 will be fully sounded.

…Because Creativity is Your Middle Name


Yes, to get the game you will have to wait until May, but you can dive into the world of Diablo 3 right now, even if you have basic skills of working with Photoshop or you are a beginner web designer.

Just download this Diablo III theme and have a diabolical blog, or you can just have these Diablo 3 wallpapers to have it on your desktop.

Diablo III WordPress PSD Template

Diablo III WordPress Theme

Diablo III Wallpapers

Diablo III Harbour


Diablo III Girl

Just Wanna Say Thanks

Thanks guys for your interest in this article. I hope I didn’t disappoint you. If I didn’t, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and show these great wallpapers and a Diablo 3 WordPress theme to your friends.

See ya in the next article!

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