It’s been so quick! It looks like 2000 was yesterday, and today is already 2012 and it’s the way of The Dragon we have to learn so we are ready to the final Designers Kombat.


(Scorpion wins! Fatality)

So, if you don’t want Scorpion to defeat your web design, look at the bad web design combos leading you to fatality.

But don’t worry, Lord Raiden will never leave you without showing you the right combos to defeat Shang Tsung, Goro and even Shao Kahn himself!

Lots of Cursive Text

If you’re still following this trend, then you can be sure that you’re showing the bad example of design and such warrior will never defeat Shang Tsung (saying nothing of Shao Kahn himself).

Cursive Text

If there are lots of cursive text on your website, this makes it hard to browse, the eyes are hurt and all this leads you to


In order to avoid such bad end, just be very selective in your choice on what part of text you wish to be cursive, and you will make one more step further in the Mortal Kombat.


… and you should definitely update your combos with these punches and kicks.

Drop Shadows

The pain and suffering of every professional web designer.


If you are new to the arts of combat, and you have recently learned your first combo – it was certainly drop shadow effect. That effect will definitely show everyone that you are not professional, that you’re just a newbie.

Just in case, so you can understand the depth of this pit, there is only one man who’s proud of the fact that he drops shadows everywhere and on everyone. Perhaps, you already know each other. Check it out.

… And start doing something like this.


Uncentered Layouts

Looks like your site has never seen new monitors and browsers.


You should definitely let it know it’s 2012 now, 21st century. When everything revolves around new trend – responsive design, your site has not even got centered.

Scorpion gets back


Some things should definitely go away. And we also can say this about frames. Though this trend was popular in the late 1990s, we still can see it on some sites.

Finish him

And replace it with responsive design and jQuery.

Responsive design and jQuery
See it in action.

Scrolling or Blinking Text (Marque tag)

No blinking, no flash and no scrolling text for your design.

Blinking Text

Forget about this because this trend can also be replaced with jQuery.

If your design (and you) is not flexible enough and you are still standing where you did 5 or 10 years before… Don’t be surprised that your web design effect will be something like this.


No, we clearly don’t do business like this, right?


That Bevel and Emboss effect has become a problem because we are tempted to put it everywhere: on each logo, on the walls in our bathrooms or even our dog’s house saying nothing about our web design.

If you still can’t defeat this temptation, young warrior, try to make bevel less heavy and ugly as shown on the picture below.


Please Liu Kang, if you want to defeat Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn, you should find your own inner peace.

Fight the temptation and you will get the best result.



THIS is really good combo to learn and use these days!

(*If you want to be the winner of Mortal Kombat of course*).

All this really, really hurts…

Too many effects

my eyes, your visitors eyes and of course your credit card as a result.

No one wants to deal with a website which stuck in some kind of a time warp ten (or even more!) years ago.

So, if you decide to correspond the 21 century trends and want to make your visitors happy – you should definitely spend your time learning the trends and applying them on your website.

Prevent The Destruction of This World

By the way, Divine Elemente is one of these new and modern trends letting you focus on web design only and save you a lot of time, so download it and create your great WordPress themes with its help throwing Shao Kahn from his throne of the parallel world.

Don’t let him collide our worlds leading us to


So, the last word to say about every trend I listed is:

Keep calm and FINISH HIM!

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