The event has come to an end. Thanks to everyone who participated in the race.

Santa has prepared a few developers licenses ($600 value!) of Divine Elemente for someone who has been very good this year, but nasty little urchins have stolen licenses from Santa, divided parts among brothers elves and took a run all over the site’s pages.

Maybe you can find them? Ask your friends to help you.

Hey, catch me! I have your present.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to bring all the parts together ($0 per license), but one person will be lucky to find the biggest part ($99 per license).

So, how can you help Santa to find stolen pieces of DE’s licenses:

  • These parts can be anywhere at
  • When you find an elf, convince him to give you the present (click on him).
  • Continue searching in order to find the biggest part of your present (5-50% discounts).

Bring any of the parts you find to the Shopping cart to know how big your present is.

For now only {$ELF_CLICKS} elves found.

Good luck!

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