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It can be pretty hard to find the stuff you need on a website. For such cases, we’ve collected a Top 10 jQuery tooltips


It can be pretty hard to find the stuff you need on a website when we’re in visitor’s shoes. It’s like wandering in a megapolis – if there is no sign, how do we know where are we heading and where are we now? The same thing is true for every website, so we need to take care of the tooltips so our visitors know where are they heading and what this website section is.

We’ve tried to collect the most interesting and useful jQuery tooltips especially for such an occasion.

1. jQuery Tools Tooltip

Nice and stylish jQuery tooltip for your menu.

jQuery Tools Tooltip

2. Tooltipsy

Want to have more control? This jQuery tooltip is for you.


3. jTip

Very handy jQuery tooltips for your forms.


4. jQuery Horizontal Tooltips Menu

Attracting horizontal tooltips for your menu. Very handy and pleasant for the eyes.

jQuery Horizontal Tooltips Menu

5. jQuery Tooltip Plugin

A jQuery tooltip plugin. Useful and flexible.

jQuery Tooltip Plugin

6. qTip – The jQuery Tooltip Plugin

A qTip letting you create multilevel tips.

The jQuery Tooltip Plugin

7. Prototip 2

Another nice tooltip in white and blue colors. Just hover your mouse over and see what happens.

Prototip 2

8. jQuery (mb)Tooltip 1.6

A jQuery tooltop (ver. 1.6.) which is displayed when you hover the mouse over the text link.

jQuery (mb)Tooltip 1.6

9. jQuery Image ToolTips

Useful and practical jQuery image tooltips showing an image preview when you hover your mouse over the picture.

jQuery Image ToolTips

10. Better Tooltip

Еthereal jQuery tooltip bringing more lightness to your website.

Better Tooltip

The Details Matter

I hope these great 10 tooltips I’ve collected will be the true pathfinders for your visitors, so pick the one you like and go ahead – create the greatest website the world has ever seen and don’t forget that Divine Elemente (a PSD to WordPress tool) allows you to edit your WordPress theme with the help of these tooltips.


it and get to work! ;)

*Yeah, yeah, I know I’m starting to sound like your boss. Sorry!*

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